Zoologic postcards love, written in animal typography

Guerilla Marketing: Zoo Postcards

Type: University
Semester: 2
Skills: Campaign, PS</p>

Year: 2013

Awesome Zoo Postcards

What is it?

A postcard to send to your beloved ones.
The text states: will you be mine? [ ] Yes, [ ] No, [ ] Maybe >>> anyone who ever met animals at the zoo, becomes aware of how important it is to preserve our nature! Help to maintain this contact between humans, animals and nature by directly sponsoring your animal.


Getting more people to support the zoo with donations by raising attention and interest. Moreover, the postcards encourage thinking about the dignity of animals. To get peoples empathy with animals, there is no better starting point then in a fascinating zoo where animals are treated well. How? Most zoos offer the possibility to “sponsor” animals of your choice. For doing so you get gifts, but overall you’re doing something good. You help animals without detour!


It might seem controversial to support a zoo as "charity project". Some might argument that zoos aren’t good for animals. But it depends. Some zoos take good care of their animals and give them enough space and quality to live. One thing is for sure, zoos are incredibly important for us humans to get to know the treasures of our world. To raise awareness for other creatures. Because only if you meet animals and see their beauty you’ll figure that it is important to save our amazing nature. So who don’t meet any animal will never value them. Moreover, good zoos make quite an effort to give animals the best living environment possible. Sometimes they have even a better life than they would have in their natural environment.

This is why I chose to form the word LOVE from animals themselves. A sitting giraffe looks like an L. The penguin, photographed in the right posture, gives an O. Horns form a V. And for the E I photographed a bug.

Example of a board that lists supporters:

Zoo Patentafel Spendetafel

Work process

The first acceptable doodle:


Let's check out the animals:

zoo3 zoo4 zoo5 zoo6 zoo7 zoo8 zoo9 zoo10 zoo11 zoo12 zoo13 zoo14 zoo15 zoo16 zoo17 zoo20



There is enough space to enter the address and some kind words in the pink circle. So it can actually be used as a lovely postcard.



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