Wedding Cards

Type: Private/Free
Skills: Lasercut, Illustrator, Photoshop</p>

Year: 2014-2015

My brother surprised me, asking me to be his best man just one week before his wedding. So I had to come up with some awesome Ideas in a very short amount of time. 7 Days. In the end, the wedding was marvelous. We had a buffet, some wedding games, a wedding book, karaoke and fabulous guests. You can do everything right, if the guests are lame your party is over. That's why we decided to honor friends and family by thanking them for being awesome. We agreed that an exclusive & personal thank-you-card would do the trick. So I've put a lot of love in Production. Here they are:

awesome wedding cards

awesome wedding cards

The Text is lasercut into Savanna Paper. It feels like if the message was carved into the trunk of a tree, as lovers do. The Paper appears to be the bark and the green loop resemble leaves:

lasercut awesome wedding cards

awesome wedding cards material-2

awesome wedding cards awesome wedding cards

awesome wedding cards awesome wedding cards

A Card holds several pictures. Every guest got individual cards matching him. His name and an individual front picture. Thus every card was unique.

awesome wedding cards

The organization, the wedding book and the Thank-You-Cards were my present for the newly married couple.

wedding book wedding book wedding book

At this point: best wishes Lucas & Supinya. You’re a fabulous couple. May your relationship last forever!

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