Vorablesen, an Online Book Community

Type: Professional
For: Edenspiekermann_
My Role: Frontend-Developer, UX Design and UX Research
Languages: HTML, SCSS, JavaScript (ES6), Ruby on Rails, Git</p>

Back from South Africa, I worked several months for Edenspiekermann_ on Vorablesen. It’s an online book community. Vorablesen offers book lovers many activities. Discover early titles, share opinions and the chance to win unreleased titles. There is also an easy to use points system allowing you to claim books immediately.

Besides severely influencing the total look and feel I heavily worked on these topics:

  • Design and Development of the sign-up process.
  • Design and Development of the onboarding.
  • Extensive qualitative and quantitative (2400 users) researched.
  • Conduct user testings to check the usability of features.

Have a look at the Vorablesen Website (English version coming soon) and these screens:

Book Details Page:

vorablesen website screen book-details-page


Vorablesen onboarding page

Vorablesen Onboarding page 2


vorablesen – login page


vorablesen – colors

Landingpage | Book Details Page | Userpage:

Vorablesen Screens




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