Vanilla Band CD

The Vanilla Band

Type: University South Africa
Semester: 5 (2015)
Skills: Concept, 3D, Print, InDesign, Illustrator, Web, HTML, CSS, JavaScript</p>

our last project in South Africa, a local band called the vanilla approached us wanting a design for their b(r)and. They already had a logo and a Facebook page. Since I liked the concept of their old logo I decided to redesign it (make it better) instead of completely changing it. It is now more creamy and vanilla like than before.

Some keywords describing the band where: beach, summer, fun, sun, youth, happy, ice, good times, friendship, flow and so on. I came up with the best way to join these vibes into the brand by having nice beach colors (while reducing their original color palette) with a great creamy logo and  awesome mood pictures (which would eventually be replaced by nice photos of band concerts and fans as soon as available). Have a look.

The Target Group:

beach summer fun sunset youth happy ice cream vanilla sun goodvibes dance goodtimes awesome friendship love forever young power crazy jump move flow

The Vanilla identity – Task

The Logo

The Vanilla old logo

The Vanilla new logo brand after

New, better Colors

The Vanilla logo before after


Visit the Website

The Vanilla Website


The Vanilla Fanshirt

The Vanilla Album Shirt


The Vanilla Moodstickers

Business Cards

The Vanilla Business Cards

The Vanilla Business Cards


Awesome Facebook Design with Banner for The Vanilla

Booklet & CD

The Vanilla CD Booklet

The Vanilla CD

Kit Box

The Vanilla Van – Kitbox Concept:

The Vanilla Van Preparations The Vanilla Van Preparations



Kirstenbosch The Vanilla Posters

The Vanilla Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts Poster idea 2

New Album Little Thoughts:

New Album Little Thoughts

Awesome Album Poster – Little Thoughts

Awesome Album Poster – Little Thoughts


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