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Take off – cape town #1

So here we are, tonight I'm leaving Bonn and flying to cape town, south africa. Where I'll spend three-month at a SummerSchool. The course is called Print Design & Digital Publishing which includes Layout Design Principles & Techniques, Professional Practice, Finishing Art & Cross media and one LIVE Project (with real clients I guess). I hope that I'll have enough spare time beside the school and the awesome activities I'm planning to keep you up to date about my adventure. Be sure to subscribe!

So first off some piece of information about how to organize such a trip.

Cape Town Map Cape Town Air


Get a travel insurance.
Probably the easiest part: just call your regular insurance.
Find an accommodation.
I booked a room via AirBnB – Sure, student hostels or dorms may be somewhat cheaper, but you're more likely to hassle with papers, deposit and stuff.
☑ Get an international driving licence.
Also more tha easy, you can get it within one day from your civil registry office.
☑ Book your Flight.
It took me a while to find a super cheap flight. The best website for cheap flights I found was There might be even better websites out there so if you know one, just write it in the comments. I'm travelling to cape town with the emirates airline.
☑ Get the necessary vaccinations.
This was very time intensive as well. Be sure to visit your favorite doc as soon as possible since some vaccination has to be repeated within a given time range. So don't be too late here. Your doc knows what you have to get. If you want to tell yourself I found the website of the Department for Foreign Affairs to have listed all the vaccinations you might need. Plus extra information about the country and what to consider.
☑ Take money in the right currency with you.
Don't take too much with you. A worth of 10-30€ is enough. More could leed to trouble at the boarding gate you could be suspected to contraband.
☑ Pack your travel bags.
Just be sure to be informed about the luggage terms and conditions of your airline. Be sure to take enough of everything with you: Clothes, Entertainment, Money, Your ID, Electronics, Stuff for swimming, cosmetics, etc.
☑ Kiss your Girlfriend.

You're ready to go!

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