Photomanipulation Photoshop, Hell

Photomanipulation "Hell"

Type: University
Semester: 1
Skills: Photoshop, Composing</p>

Year: 2013

I made this Photomanipulation during my first semester on the Cologne Design Academy (KDA). Our task was to create a composing from different elements in Photoshop with the goal to create a bizarre picture.

Photomanipulation - Photoart: HellI wanted to create something surreal that still seems somehow real. Once I had a clear Idea in Mind I started by taking Pictures from Street view.

I had to combine them manually as we could not use automatic functions like photomerge. So I played around a lot with masks, transformations, cloning, smart-objects, textures, color corrections, lighting, burning, dodge, filter and modes. That way I got a decent composing. Same for street-view photos from wall-street.

I had to remove some people, by using the stamp tool and other helpful tools as well as modes to create a nice looking panorama. Afterward I added earth to combine both as well as elevators leading to the “Hell” by Hieronymus Bosch on every side. Just some wrapping and transformations at the end and voilà.

would you know that I used 111 different images for this photo-manipulation if I did not told you so?

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