My Cat Lily in the movies

My cat Lily in the movies

Type: University
Semester: 1
Skills: Photoshop
Year: 2013</p>

The task was to create a series of three movie poster. The posters should be for existing movies. We were only allowed to use our own resources. As I wanted to make something funny, I decided to start from a bizarre picture of my cat (Lily) and remake existing movie posters with cat as hero. Try to guess the movie:

Graphic Design - Lily as James Bond


Graphic Design - Lily as Godfather


Graphic Design - Lily as Aliens from outer space

I learned that pictures look more realistic if you add a lot of “dust” like the random dots in the tube. The third poster was the most difficult one but also made the most fun. I had to edit some basic typo to create that cool look. I added and color corrected forest pictures. I did the UFOs in Illustrator. Then, colored the pic of the couple (cc). Lastly, adding some “dust” everywhere.

My fat female cat Lily

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