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Landing – Capte Town #2

Well here I am in South Africa. But before I start with some impressions I want to do some advertisement for the Emirates. I was in the air for 16h30 so I can tell. They have become my favorite airline from now on. The 16h30 felt like only one or maybe 2 hours because of the great entertainment system on board. They have a lot of movies and games to play while flying. The meals are very good and you can have as much drinks as you want at no extra cost, including wine and beers. Also, you get a pillow, a blanket and headphones for free. This said here are some Pictures from the flight:

Free Headsets – Emirate Game Console – Emirates Dinner – Emirates

Out plane Sunset – Emirates Out plane Cape Town – Emirates

As it is winter the weather is very unstable, some days in winter here are still as hot as in germany (22°), other are very cold (around 12°). So I was welcome with some rain at the airport, which luckily got better the next days:

Rain – Cape Town international Airport Thibault Square
That's what I call welcome!

Long Street  Belgian Beer
Oh Belgian Beer *.*

DHL Sprinter Design Festival
DHL here?

African Art African Art
Some African Art.

Old House Port – Cape Town
At the Waterfront

2015-08-14 13.47.59 Old House
What a fine view from outside the house

Bicycle Bar Streets of Cape Town

German Grocery Table Mountain
A german grocery store on your left and the table mountain on your right

Wander Poster – Cape Town

National Gallery Cape Town Squirrel in Cape Town
This is the south african national gallery at the government avenue. Oh and a little squirrel.

Art in Cape Town Art in Cape Town
it was forbidden to take pictures, so I made only two for you.

Birds in Cape Town Streets of Cape Town

Things I did so far:
Visiting the Waterfront
Checking out Kloof Str, Long Str and the like
Visited the Company's Garden
Visited the National Gallery
Got a local phone number and food to cook
Bought Hiking shoes and preparing for some hiking soon
Planning to buy a bicycle (or a bus ticket, still unsure about that, finding a good and cheap bike seems more difficult than I thought). Trying to meet people as well for hiking and visiting.

You're wondering why you don't see any pictures of the design school yet? Well it only starts tomorrow morning. I'm quite exited to see how the Summer School. So stay tuned for more.

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