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How to boost your intelligence without any effort (Cognitive Enhancers)

Anyone saw the movie Limitless ?

A loser who stumble upon memory and intelligence enhancing drugs called NZT. This drug allows his brain to get access to any piece of information he has eventually snapped up. No matter how small or unimportant.

OK, now you certainly think "what a pity that this drug does not exist". Well. It is.. You're wrong!

In Austria they report, that in future there will be drug test in universities, such as those you know from the olympics. Not to test steroids but intelligence enhancing drugs, to make sure that everyone has equal chances. As a growing number of collegian, managers and even pupils get a taste for the so-called neuroenhancer.

In Germany, studies report that already 5% of the population regularly use learning pills and over 12 millions are willing to take some if they could. Even among scientists intelligence enhancing drugs are well-known - says the result of a study by the journal Nature. 1400 scientist were asked and one of five admitted the use of performance increasing drugs.

Trends in use of cognitive enhancers

Enough talking, let's get serious - cognitive enhancers:

Sadly I have to disappoint you. There is always a downside. All chemical drugs that increase memory are extremely dangerous. So you're able to enhance your brain performance for several month but sooner or later you'll end up in a psychiatric clinic. The side-effects of intelligence enhancing drugs start with headache, continue with nausea and dependence, to finally end with hallucinations, sociological and psychological troubles and even death.
The drugs we are talking about areModafinil, Methylphenidate, Piracetam, Fluoxetin and Metoprolol.

Natural drugs to increase memory - the better alternative:

"Der Spiegel" reported 1952 about first successes with glutamic acid cure. They tested twenty pupils from the Office for mentally disabled children. After several weeks of increased intake of glutamic acids, nine made a strikingly intelligent impression and eleven where just a little smarter. But now scientists found that (unfortunately) glutamic acid do not bring intelligence. However, it supports your brain. After mental effort the natural stock of glutamic acid is exhausted so taking it brings a tired brain back to speed. Glutamic acid is particularly abundant in milk and cheese.

Intelligence enhancement through fish consumption. Male teenagers develop intellectually better when they eat fish at least once per week. That's what scientists at the Swedish University in Gothenburg found out. 3972 male adolescents ate fish once per week. They had a 6% increased intellectual abilities. Eating fish twice a week even doubled the values.

This is because of the nutrients in fish. Especially the omega-3 and omega-6 fats and zinc. They enhance the general blood circulation and thus the oxygen supply to the brain. A sufficient supply can enhance your brain development and thus your intelligence. You find a large amount of Zinc in beans and lentils. Peanuts and walnuts are good for your brain too as they have a lot of unsaturated fat and vitamin B1.

Furthermore, it is useful to set up an effective time management. Exploit your high phases and relax during low phases, as i.e. after meal. The schedule should also include sportive activities, such as jogging or rollerblading, because sport reduces stress hormones and promotes creative thinking. Says Frank Meiners from DAK.

So the true all good cognitive enhancer doesn't exist yet, however, they are definitely coming soon.

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