Glowing 3D balls C4D tutorial

Getting into 3D

Type: Private/Free
Skills: Cinema 4D</p>

Year: 2013

So I started to learn the art of 3D. Some might think – hey man, why would you "learn" 3D? 3D Is everywhere.. Are you blind? Well by 3D I actually mean building digital Stuff as in Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). To begin with I teach myself a software called Cinema 4D. 4D, what irony. Why Cinema 4D? It's free for students – its available for mac – it is acclaimed easy to learn. To cut a long story short, it has never been easier to be an autodidact as today and it is even becoming easier the more connected we are. So here is what I’ve done so far. Tutorials Tutorials Tuto..:

1. Reflecting Balls

3D Reflecting BallsThe Tutorial to follow along

2. Hello World

play_1The Tutorial to follow along

3. Real Glass

glass-perfektOh yeah the bottom part is too large, I know. I just show you everything so you can see my evolution. Here's is the tutorial.

4. Text Effect 'n Shadows

font-purpleI can't find the tut anymore, sorry.

5. Reflections all the way

blue-red2C4D Basics


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