Fraport communication and marketing concept

Creative Campaign for Fraport Cargo Services

Type: University/Commercial
Semester: 1
Skills: Campaing, Corporate, PS</p>

Year: 2013


Fraport Cargo Services (FCS) needed a new creative campaign to boost their sales. They needed a key visual that reflects their identity. It will be presented as part of a brand relaunch (probably mid 2015). This project was a student competition where I reached the last level. Here is my contribution:

A) Product in Box

Touchpoint: Print / Web


- Time is the new currency
- You choose to airmail when you have to transport something over a great distance in a short amount of time
- „Fast in, fast out“ is a promise, FCS lives
- FCS permanently work on solutions to cut the shipping time
- Their customers should have more time for the important things in life
- In a market where time and money are the two crucial things FCS has to improve their work with always better performance.

→ FCS clients want the job done as fast as possible.

The Idea:

We see situations of the clients workaday life, but something is different. The most important thing they need, in that explicit moment, is packed in a FCS box.


- The product reached the client immediately with no stress.
- FCS is indispensable for their business.
- FCS offers the highest quality, the product can be used directly and at time.
- Professionals trust in FCS, why don’t you?
- FCS clients see new possibilities: “ah! We could do this with FCS next time!”
- Reliability.
- FCS clients are directly addressed (they see themselves).

Possible Visualization:

Fraport Cargo Services ad 1 Fraport Cargo Services ad 1 Fraport Cargo Services ad 1 Fraport Cargo Services ad 1


B) Multitasking

Touchpoint: Print / Web


+ Covering the same time aspects as in A) plus following:
- Over 600 colleague tackle stuff with more than 1.200 Hands
- With full commitment 24/24 and 365 days a year
- With motivation above the average and a high know-how-level
- Everything comes from one hand
- The FCS staff represents reliability, speed, and safety

just like an ant. Ants represent the best workers because they are team-minded and have extraordinary powers since they can lift 100x more than they weight.

→ FCS clients want the job done as fast as possible.
→ The FCS Staff is the best (USP).

The Idea:

A campaign based on the employees. We show how FCS employees have extraordinary powers due to the good working conditions and the high expertise. Each Position can be portrayed in any situation.


- FCS = real Human craftsmanship.
- FCS = the fastest & the best (reliability, speed, and safety).
- With more hands you're not only faster but can also transport products more carefully.
- FCS is progressive and innovative.
- 1 FCS employee is worth 3 generic employees.

This is also a great employee campaign. They can identify themselves and be proud of their job.

Possible Visualisation:

Fraport Cargo Services ad communication_fraport_big

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