Es war einmal samstag, short movie

Es war einmal Samstag

Type: Private/Free
Skills: Video Art, Movie, Short, Premiere Pro</p>

Year: 2010

During my internship at the International Film-School of Cologne (IFS) I worked in several student productions. That time I eventually made two making-ofs for great movies. I also had
access to film equipment which I used to shoot “Es war einmal Samstag”.

“Es war einmal Samstag” is a short movie where I present my naked psychical and physical self (the one I had when I was 19) to the audience without any pudency. It’s a story about how I saw the world, not how the world really was. The movie is very funny if you know the people represented but certainly difficult to understand for strangers. I hope that you can still enjoy it - Have Fun!

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