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Digital Publishing – The adventures of Packy

Type: University South Africa
Semester: 5 (2015)
Skills: inDesign, DPS, C4D, Illustrator</p>


– Use the Digital Publishing Tools to create an Magazine as App for the iPad.


I’ve chosen to do a Magazine for children since there is none yet in the app store and it would give me the freedom to break the boundaries of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS). (Target group 6-13) Here it is:


Once I had figured out what I wanted to do (cute elephants in a city), every project begins with doodles, after testing around different possibilities I used those Doodles:

2015-09-08 10.54.42 Packy Elefant Doodles

Packy Elefant Doodles  Packy Elefant Doodles

Packy Elefant Doodles


I scanned my doodles, opened them in Illustrator and drew Path over it with the Pen Tool to vectorize them. I drew each object on its own, so I was able to move them around, use & reuse them and change them individually one by one. Drawing Packy's room from doodle to finish took me around 1-2 days.

packy elefant digitalisation

packy elefant poses cartoon

packy front elefant city cartoon  congratulation elefant packy cartoon

Elefant search packy cartoon

packy elefant cartoon illustrator

In order to show which interactions can be done on which panel I drew some self explanatory touch interaction Icons:

touch interaction icons sheet packy

The 3D space where you see the parents on the hill looking out for Packy with their binoculars in 360° is actually a square:

3d image 360° rotation packy

The last page is actual 3D, spun in C4D by 360° and rendered frame by frame:

3d book packy elefant cartoon

3d book packy elefant cartoon

Thanks ;)

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