Der Rote Terror Koffer Merchandise

Noir: Der Rote Terror

Type: University
Semester: 3 (2014)
Skills: Campaing, Corporate Design, ID, PS, AI</p>


old suitcaseWe had to produce a special teaser box for a fictive story. The subject was Noir. I started with a top-to-bottom research about Noir and ended up with a German Democratic Republic (GDR) jail story. I invented a survival game based on a real story. You have to survive as long as you can within a GDR prison where security guards will try to kill you. This suitcase, filled with a comic, posters, postcards and a lot more, is my Teaser Box, which players would get if they buy the limited special edition Game-Box:

Der Rote Terror - Suitcase special edition

DDR - GDR Suitcase with file GDR DDR Suitcase with file

Terror Suitcase with file GDR DDR Suitcase with file

GDR DDR Suitcase with comic

old suitcase with postcards

Man Roter Terror 2016 Girl Roter Terror 2016 Security Roter Terror 2016

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