Das Brot

Type: University
Semester: 2
Skills: Editorial, Drawing, ID</p>

Year: 2013

A comic on "The Bread" by Wolfgang Borchert. Which was written 1945, post-war Germany, where food was short in supply.


An old woman wakes up in the dark. She catches her husband cutting a slice of their rationed bread. They don't talk about it. Instead, a perplexed conversation takes place. They end up saying that nothing happened, they just woke up because of the wind outside and the sound of the rain gutter. While she is trying to fall asleep, she hears her husband chewing. The next evening she prepares dinner and gives him one of her slices of bread pretending that she doesn’t take the bread that well in the evening. They avoid eye contact. After a while she sits down at the table and watch him eating.


I don’t think that it’s solely a story about the situation after World War II. Because, neither the place, time nor any names or other circumstances is written. So I guess that it is more a story about disturbed love and interpersonal relationship. The “cold” and the “outside” symbolized by the wind is associated with darkness: a symbol for fear and mistrust. Which serves as an excuse for the husband’s behavior.

Character Sheets

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