Caricature of the city Bonn

Caricature of a city: Bonn, Germany

Type: Private/Free
Skills: Illustrator, Carricature</p>

Year: 2012

caricature of bonn city
One of my works was the caricature of Bonn city. "Where the f* is Bonn?" Well you grandparents should know the answer since Bonn was the capital city of Germany from 1949 before the seat of the government moved to Berlin around 1999.. And oh yes it is the city I spend the most crucial time in my life.

I tried to transmit the look and especially the feel of the City in one picture. So first off I walked through the city taking pictures and absorbing the special aura the city emits. Important: Beethoven was born in Bonn, the university is well-known, the skyline is gorgeous and there are lots of green areas.

Then I draw a fast sketch combining key elements. Lastly I draw everything starting from the sketch.

This Picture combines the university with the skyline in the background with the “Poppelsdorfer Allee” and Ludvig van Beethoven in the foreground.

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