Anon Chat

Anon Chat

Type: Private
Skills: Web design</p>

Year: 2015

Update: Tool might not work anymore due to browser updates

With s’ awesome DataChannel.js I was able to create a beautiful chat that saves nothing! Conversations only exists in real-time by users within the chat. Regular chats save your data on their server and then send them to the other user. That’s, even if encrypted, not as good because any stored data can be read later (by the NSA for example). Anon Chat doesn’t save anything and sends data directly from one user to another (P2P). Some compare it to snapchat however it is even better since snapchat still saves the data on their server. Anon Chat does not save anything.

However no one can guarantee 100% anonymity. Your IP is not encrypted and as Data flows threw cables someone could intercept it. So you might still want to use a safe/fake IP (use Tor for example or, even better, an internet café without surveillance cam).

I use it weekly as super fast file transfer tool, even if I have no sensitive data to share, since there is no file size limit and transfer happens in real-time. Generic upload services take at least twice as long since data has to be uploaded THEN downloaded. Anon Chat does that simultaneously.

Check out Anon Chat .

Anon Chat – an anonymous messenger.

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