Anatomy of a perfect burger

Animate PDF: The perfect Burger?

Type: University South Africa
Semester: 5 (2015)
Skills: inDesign</p>

This was our project from the first course in South Africa. The course name was “digital Publishing – PDF Animations”. We had to create an animated “How To” in InDesign only and distribute it as PDF. I did a “How to make the perfect burger”. A topic “capetownians” certainly can relate to since the food there is so f*cking delicious! I was not able to add the PDF into the Blog but here it is as video. Enjoy:


Protip #1: I found out that you're able to add multiple animations on one object by putting the object you want to animate into a group with an invisible dummy object. Now you can add an animation to the object and one to the pseudo-group as well. So you can stack an infinite number of animations on one object. Boom you just hacked the shit out of inDesign:

tutorial multi animation on one object – inDesign

Protip #2: To use an inDesign animation in a PDF you have to save your animation as .swf then create a new document and place the .swf inside with an autoplay, then save the document as interactive PDF. You now have a working animation within a “regular” PDF. You'll find all interactive functionalities under window > interactive.

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