A php data visualisation: Win at roulette?

Type: Private
Skills: PHP, HTML, CSS</p>

Year: 2015

No this is not some kind of snake game. It’s real business bro’ :)

Today some strange spam pop up window opened (this one: http://the (dot) freemobileappsnow (dot) biz/?uid=1054518169# (I replaced the dot‘s so I don’t help the owner getting back links for SEO) on a trustful website. Some guy revealing a secret hint to win at least 100$ per day using a roulette technique. By doubling bets on either red or black every time you lose. Obviously it‘s bullshit. The only winner is the guy who tricks you with that website since the casino links he calls trustful are affiliate links, of course.

However since I‘m learning PHP I wanted to use that skill to write a tool that plays over 10.000 fictive roulette matches using that doubling technique on every page-load. Well to cut a long story short: you can’t win. But the good news is, that we have now a beautiful data visualisation to admire.

Open the visualisation

roulette data visualisation in PHP

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