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8 shocking Images that caused scandal

last year the french lawyer Emmanuel Pierrat published his new book 100 images qui ont fait scandale (: 100 pictures that caused scandal). I took the following 8 well shocking Images from that book:

Censored exhibition - Girl kissing nude.2010 Larry Clark's exhibition was censored because of the sexual explicit pictures.

The adventure of Tintin - Tintin in the Congo2010 A congolese student wanted to ban Tintin in the Congo, one of the well-known Belgian comics The Adventures of Tintin, for being racist.

13 jährige Omayra Sánchez1985 Frank Fournier's shocking image of 13 years old Omayra Sánchez  from Colombia. Ruins trapped her after a volcanic eruption. The picture of her agony went around the world.

Ikea homosexual ad in italy2011 Ikea provoked outrage in conservative Italy with the well shocking ad showing two men holding hands and the header we're open to every family.

Pink Hitler shocking italyAgain in Italy an advertisement provoked a scandal in 2011. Pink hitler with the well shocking header Cambia Style - Don't follow your leader. Well just some month later Berlusconi himself shocked with a bad hitler joke.

LOreal Ad of white beyonce2008 L'Oreal was accused of whitening Beyonce which was pretty scandalous.

Artist's ShitArtist's Shit. 1961 italian artist Piero Manzoni filled cans with his own shit and sold them at the same price as gold. Today the cans are sold out.

Ad of shocking Anorexia girl nude2007 Oliviero Toscani photographed Isabelle Caro, an anorexic girl, nude as deterrent effect against anorexia.

Why is it important to know well shocking images ?

Banned images are always a historical / sociological attestation about how our society evolves through time by knowing this we might anticipate the future. I'm told that there are some absolute no go in the ad industry as Religion and Politics. However I think in some cases it is more important and even more benefit for an industry to break taboos and evolve our society by shocking people than to dick around with lame publicity no one cares.

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